Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Sql have Several Query for interect with Database.

Select Query is one of the most important Query here we will see the different Uses of Select Query.

* To simply select the all Datas from Database Table

 select  *  from table_name

 above statements select all the  rows from Data Table.

* To count just number of rows(all)  from table  

select count(*) from table_name 

above query count all the rows from given table

* now if you want count distinct rows from table you have to specify distinct word before count key word

select  count( distinct  column_name) from table_name 

above query  remove duplication from count result .

* Use select method to insert data from one table to another table 

insert into tbl_insert_table (first_column , last_column)
select first_value , last_value from tbl_select_table 

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